I have been looking for a buffet to paint for a long time.  I finally found one that a painting friend needed out of her garage.  It was pretty as it sat but had some veneer issues on the top which made it an ideal candidate for paint!  I searched Pinterest high and low for some inspiration and finally found some Alice in Wonderland inspiration.



I picked my colors and started my prep.  Here is where I would insert all the pictures I took of that process but I seem to not have them anymore!  You see, my daughter is a senior and as I do senior photography, I took her down to the West Bottoms in Kansas City, MO to take some pictures.  It was there that I laid my phone with all of the pictures I would have inserted on the back bumper of my truck and drove off with it still there. I’m sure you are surprised that it was not there when I got home!

I sanded the top and some of the veneer was bad enough that I had to peel it up and fill it with wood filler.  I let it dry and sanded it down.  I then started all of the paint.  I started by priming the top and then choosing Heirloom Traditions Black Bean, Kelly’s Seaside Blue, and French Vanilla.

I got the base colors painted and then decided I had not done a good enough job of sanding the wood filler.  In fact I did a really crappy job and I decided I better sand it some more.  I sanded some more and started painting it again apparently after I got a new phone because here is where my pictures pick back up!



Once I had that done, I started applying diamonds and stripes.








I added gold accents to the front and feet with Heirloom Traditions Metallic Masters Gilding Patina in gold.



Once that was done, I covered the whole thing in Heirloom Traditions Dark Umber Soft Wax.


I finished with Polyvine Deadflat Wax Varnish.


I do believe the result would make Alice proud and look stunning in her Wonderland home!





Until next time, Cheers! Jodi

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