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Here you will find my Gypsy Heart Design Blog and my Skinny Bitch Chronicles Blog, Becasue I'm a heart attack survivor and because I love DIY and want you to love it too!

My Crazy Blood Pressure!

About a month ago, I had someone reach out to me on behalf of Welch Allyn to see if I would review a blood pressure cuff for them.  I said sure!  That means  that this post is sponsored by Welch Allyn but the thoughts and opinions are my own. The blood pressure cuff arrived the [...]

How To Paint Raised Stencils

Painting raised stencils leaves a great finish on a piece of furniture and is relatively easy.  When I still retailed paint and I moved into a booth space, I needed a display piece for the paint.  I took an old china cabinet I bought at auction for $5.00 and turned it into the display piece. [...]

Don’t Be Afraid To Blend Paint

About 7 1/2 years ago, I was witness to a horrible head on collision that took the life of two people.  One of those, Cainan, was only 5 years old.  It has haunted me for sometime and only recently am I really able to drive on the highway again.  For years, I have gone out [...]

Living Room Wall Project

Because the rooms in my house are small and chopped up, I am looking to add some depth and interest to some of the rooms.  First and foremost is my family room.  It is the room you walk into when you come in the front door.  There is nothing really wrong with it other than [...]

The 5 Things To Do Now For A Quick Home Sale

This blog contains affiliate links. Selling your home can be tough if you don't take the right steps before you put it on the market.  Most people have trouble because they do not see anything wrong with the colors they love, the things they collect or how their cleanliness affects the ability for them to [...]

5 Easy and Cheap, No Fail Decor Ideas for Fall

Shhhhh...I'm going to let you in on a secret.  I'm actually not crafty.  In fact, I really hate doing crafty projects.  That being said, I am huge on decorating a house on a budget.  In that spirit, I searched Pinterest high and low for 5 super easy, cheap and no fail ideas for DIY fall [...]

6 Budget Friendly Choices for a Bathroom Remodel

As I work my way through tutorial classes for my membership clubs, I have started looking at our upstairs bathroom remodel. We have two very small bathrooms in our house and no master en-suite. As I look at these bathrooms it is important to maximize the space and make them very clean lined and modern. [...]

The Top 5 Tools I Can’t Live Without

I tend to do mostly DIY renovation projects and because of that own a lot of my own tools. Never fear, you do not have to own all of these to DIY your own home remodeling.  Many of these can be rented at your local home improvement store or borrowed from friends (with possibly some [...]

Things Not To Own After 40? Who Says?

I am filing this blog under The Skinny Bitch Chronicles which is my heart portion of this blog and you'll know why at the end.  I came across this article on MSN and usually I don’t click on articles like this.  For whatever reason, it caught my eye and I was super curious about what [...]

How To Paint Logos

Finally! I finally worked on a project for Mr. Gypsy.  The garage is his space and we are looking at a complete overhaul of it over the winter.  I found this great pub table at an auction for $10.00.  It is super, super heavy with a solid metal base. He is a Harley Davidson guy [...]

Why I Never Use Pallets

Today, my post on Hometalk about my budget backsplash went viral.  When I checked comments on it yesterday it had around 1k views and as of right now, it is at 117K views. (As an update, it now has more than 350K hits on Hometalk)  Lots of great questions and comments on it too!   [...]

The Budget Backsplash

  Now that the cabinets are blue, my attention turns to the backsplash. As you can see, there has never really been a backsplash.  Just drywall with paint is super hard to keep clean and dry especially behind the sink!    In the interest of doing Pinterest on a budget, I searched non tile backsplash. Tile is [...]

Painting Stripes

Materials and Cost List Cabinet - $5.00 at Auction Kilz Pimer - $9.50 White Lace Paint Pint - $20.00 Buff Rose Paint - Sample Size - $14.00 Polyvine Wax Varnish Dead Flat - $30.00 Total Cost $78.50 (With Paint and Sealer Left Over for Future Projects!) Step One--Prep https://youtu.be/No2A5Rn8rsQ Tanin https://youtu.be/l7m41mkJPkg Step Two--Painting and Striping https://youtu.be/mh2GIJ6vniA Step [...]

Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet Painting Makeover Kitchen Inspiration   Pinterest inspiration.  There is no watermark on these pictures and it has made it's way around Pinterest long enough that I cannot source it back.  I did try though! Cabinet Painting Introduction https://youtu.be/Q_5QxZnfj2U Cost and Materials List Benjamin Moore Advance Paint Satin in Mozart Blue   $53.00 Benjamin Moore Studio [...]

The Kitchen Cabinet Project

Some time ago, I,  like many others pinned the Pinterest picture of the blue cabinets with the black glaze.  What a beautiful picture it is. Now, I would give credit where credit is due but these pictures have been pinned so many times that I do not know who to give credit to.  Whoever it [...]

Farmhouse White Buffet

I found this old buffet in the same barn that I found the Gypsy Barn to Bar Dresser.  It was only in marginally better shape than the dresser.  I cleaned it really well and did a little clamping and gluing to make it straight so the drawers would work. Next, I decided I wanted a [...]

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Paint

    Since I have started this business, I get a lot of compliments which I am forever grateful for.  I get people saying I could never do what you do.  The fact is that all you see is the end result.  You can't see the number of times I wipe the paint off and [...]

Our Adventure to The Avon Mega Store!

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Mikita who blogs at All Things Mikita reached out and invited my daughter and I to a blogger event at the Avon Mega Store. We were more than happy to go and meet some other bloggers.  It was a great event! (Thanks Mikita for inviting us!)First of all, I [...]

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