As I work my way through tutorial classes for my membership clubs, I have started looking at our upstairs bathroom remodel. We have two very small bathrooms in our house and no master en-suite. As I look at these bathrooms it is important to maximize the space and make them very clean lined and modern. The old fiberglass in these tubs and sinks is starting to crack and we cannot put off bathrooms any longer. Seeing that they are so small, the challenge is to make them look as good as we can on budget. The space that we are working with is 8 ft by 5 ft in the bathroom. 

As much as I would like to, I can’t take the tub out in favor of a larger shower upstairs.  When we go to sell this house, if we do not have a tub, that can take out families with little kids as possible buyers.  Most families like to have a tub for little kids and I know I am only putting a shower in the downstairs bathroom.  I firmly believe that you should be free to put your own stamp on a house but I wouldn’t do it with pretty expensive and permanent projects like bathrooms.  I am going to keep our bathroom remodels neutral.  No one wants to come in and rip out tile in a bathroom so the trick is to make this appeal to not only me, but a wide audience of buyers.

Our current tub is only 14 inches high.  Because I have to put in a new tub, I found one that is 19 inches high making it a better soaking tub and the bathroom a little more spa feeling. It is not the cheapest bathtub you can find but reasonable at $239.00

Instead of putting in a fiberglass surround, I am going to go with tile.  I am terrible at making a tile decision.  That is why after a number of years I did not ever decide on kitchen backsplash and did this instead.  I think I have narrowed it down to this.  This is budget friendly at $1.99 a square foot and I need about 80 square feet for about $160.00.

But seriously, tile is what keeps me from doing projects because I can never decide.

I feel like those are the main things and here are some of my other choices:

I may change my mind as we go but at least I have the first two steps that are important for any remodel done, and that is vision and budget!  Yay!  Really, this is the hardest part.  Once you actually start demo and the construction of it all you already have the vision and budget decisions made.  I would suggest at least set aside 20% of your budget for unexpected expenses.  You want to make sure you can cover any of those once you have torn out your bathroom!

If we add up my choices so far, we are at about $1,046.  I will have other costs like an exhaust fan, grout, waterproof backer board, paint and those kinds of things.  Right now I expect we will be right about $1,500.  This is not bad to increase the value in my house and feel good about a new bathroom.  

Until Next Time–Cheers!  Jodi

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