How To Paint Raised Stencils

Painting raised stencils leaves a great finish on a piece of furniture and is relatively easy.  When I still retailed paint and I moved into a booth space, I needed a display piece for the paint.  I took an old china cabinet I bought at auction for $5.00 and turned it into the display piece.  Because it was a display piece, I decided a little bit of funky, fun painting was in order.  I started with this:

I picked a great base coat appropriately titled Gypsy Spirit.  It is a fancy name for periwinkle.  Once that was on, I painted a really light blue green on the middle of the cabinet doors.

The next step was to mix up my raised stencil paste.  I used a metallic copper and Venetian Texture medium from Heirloom Traditions.  I mixed it pretty thick.

I started the raised stenciling with a technique called stippling.  This is where you put the product on your paint brush and apply it by tapping it on the piece of furniture.

It makes a cool effect. I left mine just like it dried because it was the effect I wanted on this piece.  If you wanted a smoother raised stencil, you could take some very fine sandpaper and knock off the peaks and make it smoother.

It ended up just how I pictured it (that doesn’t always happen!).  It ended up being a great paint display!

Look for a raised stencil tutorial in the membership club!  It will be one of the techniques that is covered.   Enrollment opens again November 1!

Until Next Time–Cheers! Jodi

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Don’t Be Afraid To Blend Paint

Don’t Be Afraid To Blend Paint

About 7 1/2 years ago, I was witness to a horrible head on collision that took the life of two people.  One of those, Cainan, was only 5 years old.  It has haunted me for sometime and only recently am I really able to drive on the highway again.  For years, I have gone out of my way to avoid the highway.  Every year, there is a Cainan T. Shutt Tournament in honor of him.  It is the best of softball and kickball all in an event to raise funds for his memorial fund.  The fund provides scholarships to kids at our local high school and provides for community improvement projects.

Last year my friend Darcie asked me if I would donate something to the auction.  It was too close to the tournament for me to complete a piece to donate.  This year though, I planned early and found this great kids desk set at auction:







I decided this would be a perfect piece for a blended paint technique.  I started with a base coat of turquoise.  After that I started to blend in a bright green and a yellow.  I think this is where people are scared to go.  They are afraid they will ruin a piece when they add in other colors.  Don’t be afraid!   I took a small brush and started with the green.  I put around the detail and then dry brushed it over the rest of the desk.  Once I put it on, I wiped it off with a clean, lint-free rag.  This allows it to blend in.  After I was done with the green, I started with yellow.  I only put the yellow in the spiral detail.  Again I put it on and wiped  it back off.  .This is the effect it leaves you with:

Always thinking I need to do a little more detail, I used a projector and project an image on the top.  I used a small brush to fill it in in a darker teal color:

Once I completed it, I used a polyurethane to seal the top of the desk and chair because I needed to be able to have a really durable, hard finish to them.  I used Polyvine to seal the base and legs. The result was a beautiful little desk and a great auction item to donate!

Stay tuned for blending paint tutorials when enrollment in my tutorials opens back up on November 1!

Until Next Time–Cheers!  Jodi

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Living Room Wall Project

Living Room Wall Project

Because the rooms in my house are small and chopped up, I am looking to add some depth and interest to some of the rooms.  First and foremost is my family room.  It is the room you walk into when you come in the front door.  There is nothing really wrong with it other than I would like it to make a little more of a statement.

Pretty bland, huh?  I have struggled for a long time with what to do on this wall.  Whatever decision I make, it has to be light colored as to not darken my room and it needs to have some interest.  Lately, I have been looking at many brick and stone options. There are a ton of them available.

I think I would prefer to do a stacked stone that does not require mortar.  You can find them both ways.  You can also find stone veneer sheets and that is something I am considering as well.  

I am lining the projects up for October!  First is the bathrooms, then the living room wall plus a fresh coat of paint and new colors in the bedrooms!  Stay tuned to see the results and for a membership tutorial on installing a stone/brick wall in your home!  Look for enrollment to open for the last time in 2017 on November 1!

Until next time–Cheers!  Jodi

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The 5 Things To Do Now For A Quick Home Sale

The 5 Things To Do Now For A Quick Home Sale

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Selling your home can be tough if you don’t take the right steps before you put it on the market.  Most people have trouble because they do not see anything wrong with the colors they love, the things they collect or how their cleanliness affects the ability for them to sell their house.  Many have the opinion that they are not going to repaint or such because the new owners are just going to paint anyway.  Let’s rethink this thought process and go over 5 things that you can do right now to help your house sell quick and for the most money possible.

1.  Freshen up the curb appeal

This is super important because the curb appeal is the first impression potential buyers have of your home.  If it is overgrown and dirty with a ton of stuff laying in the yard, you have potentially lost a buyer before they even get inside.  So trim the bushes, pull the weeds and keep your yard mowed and clear of bikes, lawn chairs and coolers.  Make sure leaves are raked and cleared out of landscaping.  If you have vinyl siding on your house, make sure it is not moldy and dirty.  Take a power washer and wash off your siding.  While you have it out give your concrete driveway and any concrete walkways a good cleaning.  Power-wash your deck too.  You will be amazed at how much better your curb appeal will be by doing these simple things!  (If you don’t have a power-washer, you can use soapy water and a heavy duty broom to scrub with.)  If the paint is peeling off your house or your front door, get out the paint and fix it.  Your curb appeal is really, really important to attract potential buyers.

2. De-clutter

I know you love all of your collections of things–ball caps, Precious Moments, glass bells, decorative plates, vintage fans (in my case!) or stuffed animals.  Whatever it is, know that most people do not share your love of whatever it is you collect.  Box up your collections and get a storage unit and move them out of your house.  Box up your trophies that line the walls of the man cave.  Move out over-sized or extra furniture to a storage unit. Clean out all of your cabinets and closets and leave only the essentials! You want to make your house appear as big as possible and extra or over-sized furniture, collections and random clutter (think stacks of magazines and such) limit your buyers.  Not every buyer can see past your stuff and envision themselves in your house. Help them out and get rid of the things they can’t see past. 





3.  Neutralize

This is the one I get the most push back on.  The argument for not doing this is almost always the same.  The new owners are just going to pick out their own colors, I’m just going to let them paint.  Why should I do it?  I firmly believe you should live in your house with the colors you love but when it comes time to sell, paint over them.  I also firmly believe that not everyone loves the same colors as you or me.  Here are a couple examples.  When I sold my house in North Carolina to move back to Kansas, my youngest was 2 and loved Monsters Inc. I did her room in Monsters Inc including the paint on the walls.  In case you don’t know, these are the colors:

What great colors, right?  Great for us but maybe not so great with potential buyers that have no kids and see that room as a potential office.  Let’s face it, most grown ups don’t want a Monsters Inc. themed office.  I painted over it to neutralize the room and make it more appealing to a wider pool of potential buyers.  Fast forward to current day and my downstairs bathroom is painted in a Caribbean blue color:

 While I love this color, potential buyers may not. l can guarantee you as soon a decision is made to put our house on the market, I will be painting over this in a nice gray.  Again, some people cannot see past your taste in color or mine so your best option to sell your house quickly is to neutralize. You can use your color personality in accents such as pillows or toothbrush holders.

4. Clean, Clean, Clean!

If you are going to sell your house, clean it.  Listen, I don’t care how you live on a day to day basis but when you sell your house, it has to be clean and really clean.  I mean clean like you should deep clean your floors, wipe down all your baseboards and clean all the windows.  You should clean your oven and clean out your refrigerator.  Why? Because potential buyers look everywhere!  Empty out every cabinet and drawer and wipe out all the dust.  Wipe off all of the ceiling fan blades and clean out all your lighting fixtures.  Scrub your bathrooms.  Once you do it, keep it clean.  Sweep and vacuum every day. If you have pets, keep pet hair and smells to a minimum. You never know when a realtor will want to show your home and you want to be able to straighten up really quick and get out while they show your house.  Sometimes you have very little notice.  Doing all of this will really help potential buyers be able to envision themselves in your home.

5. Price your house right

We all think our house is worth top dollar.  Guess what?  It probably is but you have to know what top dollar is.  In my neighborhood we live in $150,000 to $250,000 homes.  We want the most money out of our home but we need to do the right research and look at the comps.  The house down the street may have sold for $250,000 but if it has two more bedrooms, one more bathroom and 1,000 more square feet than mine, that is not a comparable property. Because my house is that much smaller, it is a good indication that I am not going to get $250,000 out of my house and pricing it that high would just turn off buyers. This is really an important step.  One of the things you can do is hire an appraiser before you put your house on the market.   Do that, and then listen to them when they give you the worth of your home.  Remember that buyers can only finance a certain percentage of the appraised value so going over the appraisal value doesn’t benefit you.

If you do all of these things, you will open yourself up to a much wider pool of potential buyers and the more potential buyers you have, the quicker your house sells!

Until next time–Cheers!  Jodi

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5 Easy and Cheap, No Fail Decor Ideas for Fall

5 Easy and Cheap, No Fail Decor Ideas for Fall

Shhhhh…I’m going to let you in on a secret.  I’m actually not crafty.  In fact, I really hate doing crafty projects.  That being said, I am huge on decorating a house on a budget.  In that spirit, I searched Pinterest high and low for 5 super easy, cheap and no fail ideas for DIY fall home decor.  I’m excited to share what I found!  I will let you know that these are not my pictures.  I found them all on Pinterest.  It is so frustrating when they are not linked to a blog or the link is broken.  I’d love to give credit where credit is due if I could. 

Mason Jar Fall Decor

These are as simple as taking some chalk type paint in fall colors and aging off the paint over the writing.  You can wrap jute around the neck of the jar and some nice fake (or real-your choice) fall foliage and done!  As you can see on the right, you can take some burlap and line them up to spell whatever you would like.  Super easy! (even for me!)

Fall Candles


This is a super easy and really pretty decor idea and right up my alley.  For the picture on the left,  the nuts in the shells can take you through fall and winter!  The picture on the right with the popcorn kernels?  I love it!  How easy is that?  If you wanted to replace the white candle with burnt orange or gold, that would hit the nail on the head with fall colors!

Fall Gourd Jars

These jars are beautiful and could be bought when Hobby Lobby runs a sale or somewhere like TJ Maxx or Marshall’s.  Once you have them, you can easily decorate for any holiday.  This one idea covers all of the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons.  Score!

Fall Glitter Leaves

Ok, so I have to admit, this is a little more crafty than I like to be but I really like them.  You could accomplish this look with spray glitter paint or you could use a decoupage medium such as Modge Podge.  You would coat the leaf in Modge Podge and pour glitter on it and then shake off the excess.  Make sure to shake off the excess over a paper plate or newspaper so that you can pour it back in the jar and not waste it!

Fall Centerpieces

Again, how easy?  Hit up Hobby Lobby when they have fake fall foliage on sale or use the real thing from your yard!  

These DIY fall decor ideas are easy!  Even I can’t mess them up! Even though they are easy, they pack a beautiful fall decor punch and are sure to elicit compliments from your holiday guests!

Until Next Time–Cheers! Jodi

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6 Budget Friendly Choices for a Bathroom Remodel

6 Budget Friendly Choices for a Bathroom Remodel

As I work my way through tutorial classes for my membership clubs, I have started looking at our upstairs bathroom remodel. We have two very small bathrooms in our house and no master en-suite. As I look at these bathrooms it is important to maximize the space and make them very clean lined and modern. The old fiberglass in these tubs and sinks is starting to crack and we cannot put off bathrooms any longer. Seeing that they are so small, the challenge is to make them look as good as we can on budget. The space that we are working with is 8 ft by 5 ft in the bathroom. 

As much as I would like to, I can’t take the tub out in favor of a larger shower upstairs.  When we go to sell this house, if we do not have a tub, that can take out families with little kids as possible buyers.  Most families like to have a tub for little kids and I know I am only putting a shower in the downstairs bathroom.  I firmly believe that you should be free to put your own stamp on a house but I wouldn’t do it with pretty expensive and permanent projects like bathrooms.  I am going to keep our bathroom remodels neutral.  No one wants to come in and rip out tile in a bathroom so the trick is to make this appeal to not only me, but a wide audience of buyers.

Our current tub is only 14 inches high.  Because I have to put in a new tub, I found one that is 19 inches high making it a better soaking tub and the bathroom a little more spa feeling. It is not the cheapest bathtub you can find but reasonable at $239.00

Instead of putting in a fiberglass surround, I am going to go with tile.  I am terrible at making a tile decision.  That is why after a number of years I did not ever decide on kitchen backsplash and did this instead.  I think I have narrowed it down to this.  This is budget friendly at $1.99 a square foot and I need about 80 square feet for about $160.00.

But seriously, tile is what keeps me from doing projects because I can never decide.

I feel like those are the main things and here are some of my other choices:

I may change my mind as we go but at least I have the first two steps that are important for any remodel done, and that is vision and budget!  Yay!  Really, this is the hardest part.  Once you actually start demo and the construction of it all you already have the vision and budget decisions made.  I would suggest at least set aside 20% of your budget for unexpected expenses.  You want to make sure you can cover any of those once you have torn out your bathroom!

If we add up my choices so far, we are at about $1,046.  I will have other costs like an exhaust fan, grout, waterproof backer board, paint and those kinds of things.  Right now I expect we will be right about $1,500.  This is not bad to increase the value in my house and feel good about a new bathroom.  

Until Next Time–Cheers!  Jodi

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The Top 5 Tools I Can’t Live Without

The Top 5 Tools I Can’t Live Without

I tend to do mostly DIY renovation projects and because of that own a lot of my own tools. Never fear, you do not have to own all of these to DIY your own home remodeling.  Many of these can be rented at your local home improvement store or borrowed from friends (with possibly some help if you offer some pizza and refreshments when you are done!) Here are the top 5 tools I can’t live without. 

1. Miter Saw and Miter Saw Stand

 A miter saw is a specialized tool that lets you make cuts at a variety of angles. The saw has a blade mounted on a swing arm that pivots left or right to produce angled cuts. You can use a miter saw to quickly make cuts for crown molding, picture frames, door frames, window casings and more. I use the miter saw mostly for quick straight cuts for projects like wood floors and shiplap. It is what I used to cut my wood for my budget backsplash project.  Because I use mine so often, mine is mounted on a collapsible rolling stand.

2. Table Saw and Table Saw Stand

A table saw or saw-bench is a woodworking tool, that has a circular saw blade, mounted on an arbor, that is driven by an electric motor. The blade protrudes through the surface of a table, which provides support for the material, usually wood, being cut.  Mostly, I use a table saw to rip boards long ways.  Again, with as much as I use it, mine is anchored on a portable stand.

3. Palm Sander

The palm sander, or orbital finishing sander, is a hand-held tool that allows you to sand surfaces to remove the finish in order to add another finish or to generally smooth the surface of something. It can be controlled using one hand. If you prep surfaces correctly, you will find you need one of these!  You can get a pretty decent one in the $35.00 range.

4.  Cordless and Corded Drills, Drive and Drill Bit Sets

I am lumping these all together.  A cordless drill is great to have when I am working on furniture in my studio or hanging doors or something like that. The newer ones are handy because a good number of them have a light that comes on when the drill is running.  It makes it easier to see what you are doing. A cordless drill though just doesn’t have the power of a corded drill.  I own both because the corded drill helps me drill into something that is really tough such as concrete or a hardwood.  You use a drill bit set to drill holes and a driver bit set to drive in screws.

5. Nail Gun

A nail gun has all kinds of use.  I use it to re-attach the back of things like china cabinets after I have painted it.  I used it to attach my backsplash.  I will use it on my shiplap ceilings.  I use it to attach window and door frames and for many other things.  The one I have will nail both smaller and larger nails as it contained two separate sized nail guns.

These tools always make my projects much easier!  I always have smaller tools like a flat head and phillips head screwdriver, a level, a tape measure, a hammer and pliers close by.  If I have all of these, I can pretty much accomplish almost anything!

Until Next Time–Cheers!  Jodi


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How To Paint Logos

How To Paint Logos

Finally! I finally worked on a project for Mr. Gypsy.  The garage is his space and we are looking at a complete overhaul of it over the winter.  I found this great pub table at an auction for $10.00.  It is super, super heavy with a solid metal base.

He is a Harley Davidson guy and so I decided that black and orange on this table would be the way to go.  I cleaned this really good and knocked the shiny off of it with some sandpaper before I started painting.  I painted the top with some black chalk type paint. 

You know I tell you the first coat is always the ugly phase of the project and this was no exception.  It looked much better after an additional coat and because it is not a true deep black, I used black stain over the paint to bring out a rich black color.

Once I had the black base on, I started the logo painting which is painstakingly slow.


Once I was done with it, I wanted to give it a vintage look so I used sandpaper to age the logo and added some dark colored liquid wax to make it dirty.

Because this is going to be in a garage and sometimes outside, I sealed it with a polyurethane and not a water-based polycrylic.  It gives it much more durability.

The result?  A great addition to the man space in the garage!

Until Next Time!  Cheers– Jodi

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Why I Never Use Pallets

Why I Never Use Pallets

Today, my post on Hometalk about my budget backsplash went viral.  When I checked comments on it yesterday it had around 1k views and as of right now, it is at 117K views. (As an update, it now has more than 350K hits on Hometalk)  Lots of great questions and comments on it too!   A couple of them stopped me in my tracks:

Ack!! No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stop the presses! I feel like I have written this article before but I can’t find it.  I know I have at least posted several posts about it on my Gypsy Heart Design Facebook page.  Today, I want to tell you why you should never use pallets in your projects that are indoors or your outdoor projects where you grow food or touch (like deck furniture). They are not safe!

I know, I love to repurpose as much as you but this is where I draw the line.  They are wildly popular to use in all kinds of projects but never use them!  There are a number of articles I am going to reference so if you don’t believe me, make sure to read them all.

Let’s look at the good news first and then we will dive into the down and dirty of pallets.  There are many articles that will tell you how to find safe pallets.  In fact, I think this is a fabulous article that tells you how to choose good pallets. It is called How To Determine if a Wood Pallet is Safe for Use and has all kinds of fabulous info on pallets and their regulations at

I applaud them for trying to help you out, really I do.  The average DIYer has no idea.  However, heat treatment and one time use pallets cannot be considered safe.  Want to know why?  Because you have no idea what conditions they have been kept in.

Let’s start with mold, fungus, bird and rodent droppings. So you found pallets that according to the NPPO/IPPC Standards are safe but have you ever thought where the pallet you picked up today has been or how many times it has been used? This is important to know. Companies use pallets until it is no longer safe to do so. Why? Pallets are expensive for the companies who use them frequently so they have to save cost by reusing them. The pallet may have been left outside, causing it to harbor the larvae of insects, bird droppings or mold. Have you ever been in a warehouse? Many times they are full of rodents and lots of bugs that love to leave their excrement in the pallets. Then they put them outside, it rains and all of that soaks right into the pallet. I’ll skip pictures and let you form this vision in your head.

Now, companies can do their best to re-sanitize them by using methyl bromide which is a pesticide that has restricted use due to its toxic nature. Nasty stuff for sure and if you are not sure, read here. They may choose to heat-treat each pallet. Heat-treated pallets are free from methyl bromide and its’ really nasty side effects. However,  exposure to outside elements or unsanitary conditions will allow them to be contaminated again.

All of that is considering real wood pallets. Pressed wood pallets may contain formaldehyde in the cardboard component in addition to chemicals used to inhibit mold growth and keep away pests.  Yuck!  

Now, lets move on to a couple little things called E. Coli and Listeria.  You’ve heard of those, right?  In case you haven’t, you can find a little information from the Mayo Clinic on E. Coli here and a little information on Listeria here.
  Go ahead, take a few minutes, I’ll wait.

So now that you are familiar with these nasty little bugs, let’s look at how this is related to pallets. Spills often occur due to improper handling of materials, resulting in residue that may or may not be toxic. This also provides a breeding ground for bacteria such as E. coli and Listeria, both of which are found present in many studies of pallets tested.   Food Poison Journal published and article on January 1, 2010 titled The Pathogenic Dangers of….Wood Shipping Pallets?  In it, they state, ” a random sampling of wood pallets used to ship food in Portland, ME, and Philadelphia, PA, numerous pallets tested positive for Listeria and abnormally high counts of bacteria that could potentially create health hazards for consumers. The new data bolsters the findings of previous wood pallet testing conducted in the Washington-Baltimore area, further illustrating the unsanitary conditions and unacceptable risks to our nation’s food supply from wood pallets.”   Just in case that does not convince you, you can check out this article from the National Consumer League that states, “In addition to the presence of E. coli, 2.9 percent of the wood pallets tested positive for Listeria, and half of these, when further tested, contained Listeria monocytogenes, one of the most virulent food borne pathogens. This strain of Listeria is linked to a 20 to 30 percent rate of clinical infections resulting in death and causes approximately 2,500 illnesses and 500 deaths in the United States every year. Listeriosis is more likely to cause death than any other foodborne bacterial pathogen. ”  Now, why would you want to chance doing projects with these? (Ok, other than the fact that you can usually get them for free–now you know why.)

So, what does all this mean?  You can make your own decision on that (but still, don’t use them!).  My decision is that I would never go to all of the trouble to try to really determine the pallets I was using were safe.  As such, you will never find me using wood pallets in any project.

Until next time (I promise with a better subject!) — Cheers!  Jodi

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The Budget Backsplash

The Budget Backsplash


Now that the cabinets are blue, my attention turns to the backsplash. As you can see, there has never really been a backsplash.  Just drywall with paint is super hard to keep clean and dry especially behind the sink! 


In the interest of doing Pinterest on a budget, I searched non tile backsplash. Tile is great but it is a little more expensive and a little harder to do yourself.  As I move upstairs into my bathroom, I will be doing tile and creating the e course on that, but for the simplicity and budget in a kitchen I chose a different path. After doing some searching on Pinterest, I happened upon shiplap backsplashes. 

With this in mind, I headed out to Lowe’s (I know, Menard’s is my favorite but they don’t carry true shiplap– so disappointing! )  The pine I found is $11.97 for 14 square feet.  I needed just about 30 square feet so I would need to buy 3 for a total of $35.91 plus tax.  While I was looking it over, I spied some reclaimed wood planking that kept drawing my attention.  I just couldn’t quit looking over at it and I decided that although it was more expensive, it was really cheap for a backsplash still.  This was $21.97 per 14 square feet for a total of $65.91. Design Innovations Reclaimed 3.5-in x 4-ft Weathered Wood Cedar Wall Plank :

I decided that what I used needed to be grey to go with the rest of the house and match the cabinets better so I chose Minwax Classic Grey Stain from Lowe’s for a cost of about $10.00.


I stained the boards and wiped the stain back:

Once they were dry I started putting the boards up:

After all the boards were in place and nailed in, I sealed it with Minwax Polyurethane and caulked with clear caulk where the backsplash meets the countertop for waterproofing.

The result?  A fabulous looking budget backsplash for about $76.00 plus tax!

Until Next Time — Cheers!   Jodi

***Update!  I have had many questions on how I finished the ends.  I only have one end that is visible and I stepped down the ends and left it natural with the tongue side out.


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The Kitchen Cabinet Project

The Kitchen Cabinet Project

Some time ago, I,  like many others pinned the Pinterest picture of the blue cabinets with the black glaze.  What a beautiful picture it is. Now, I would give credit where credit is due but these pictures have been pinned so many times that I do not know who to give credit to.  Whoever it is–stunning job!

It got me thinking about my kitchen and giving it a makeover.  In true fashion, I can only find one partial picture of the before of my kitchen.  You get the picture though, white cabinets.  I painted them about 7 years ago.  Actually, they were still beautiful but so many people sent me this picture and asked me how to get this look that I figured I would give it a go and see if I could get close!

I went to my Benjamin Moore paint store and asked for Mozart Blue.  They mixed me up a gallon in the Benjamin Moore Advance Satin paint.  It is fabulous to paint cabinets with! It is actually all I paint cabinets with.  Now you know that I used to retail chalk type paint and while I love it for furniture, I am not a fan for kitchen cabinets.

 I took all of the doors off and removed all the hardware. Once my cabinet doors were down and the hardware was removed, I began to paint.  I put two coats on the frame, the drawers and the cabinet doors.

Next, I applied a coat of Benjamin Moore Studio Finishes Alkyd glaze.  This is oil based glaze and it gave me exactly the look I was after. Once the glaze dried, I put the hardware back on and the doors back up and drawers back in. Once they were up, I added a little extra glaze and the results were fabulous!

The results?  Designer cabinets for a fraction of the price!

Until Next Time–Cheers! Jodi

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Farmhouse White Buffet

Farmhouse White Buffet

I found this old buffet in the same barn that I found the Gypsy Barn to Bar Dresser.  It was only in marginally better shape than the dresser.  I cleaned it really well and did a little clamping and gluing to make it straight so the drawers would work.

Next, I decided I wanted a layered paint look. I started with Timepiece from the Heirloom Traditions Vintiques line and covered it in two coats of that.

Because I was planning on wet distressing and wanted the grey to show through the white but did not want the wood to show, I coated it with two coats of Aqua Clear by Heirloom Traditions.  I let the Aqua Clear dry overnight before applying French Vanilla by   Heirloom Traditions.

After two coats of French Vanilla, I was ready to wet distress it.  To wet distress, I took a damp cloth and wiped back the white paint from the edges to expose the dark grey.

Once it was wet distressed,I painted the inside of the drawers and cabinets Mozart Blue by Benjamin Moore.

The result was a fun farmhouse look that actually looks great in my own house.  Alas, I have no room to keep it.  I’d actually love to keep almost everything I paint but Mr. Gypsy would likely not be too amused by that!

Until next time–Cheers!


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